An Act of Kindness

I manage a Starbucks Coffee Company, and we recently started carrying The Giving Keys. I purchased a "KIND" key after hearing the story of how the product is helping people transition out of homelessness. I bought the key this Tuesday and assumed I would have it for a bit before I gifted it to someone in need. I was blessed today to be working my drive-thru window when a woman asked if she could purchase the beverages for the car behind her. I am fortunate to watch this generosity occur daily at my store, however today it seemed different. The customer seemed a bit down, so I asked how she was doing and thanked her for her generosity. She said that she just needed to turn her energy around and wanted to make someone's day. She then told me it had been a rough year already and had just received bad news about her mother-in-law. I smiled and knew it was time. So I took off my key, wrapped it around her Starbucks card and told her about the Giving Keys and what her responsibility is now with the key. Today she came through my drive-thru looking for a cup of coffee and to make someone's day; little did she know that she left making my day as well. I am not sure if I will see her again, for she is not one of my "regulars," but I am confident the key is around the neck of someone that needed an afternoon pick-me-up in more than one way.