An Answered Prayer

A long time ago, I was living in Bogota, Colombia. This was a time of much emotional turmoil. I was in a foreign country, I knew no one, and I was unemployed. One day walking near Plaza de Bolivar (the main square), I found an old key. I picked it up and wore it around my neck, for a very long time. It was the answer from my guardian angels, saying that everything would be okay – that all of my doors would eventually open.

Fast forward almost seven years. I am in the middle of another big life transition. I have been praying for an answer: to find the right job, with the right pay and the right opportunity. I have been praying for my safety and well-being, as I am undergoing surgery in less than a month. Overall, I am in a place of much change and personal growth.
My girlfriend, who makes me feel the luckiest guy in the world, came to me, all excited, with the gift of an awesome stainless steel key with the word Evoluant engraved on it! A key!! She had no idea that I had found the first key, and the meaning it has to me...and she engraved it with a word that means "evolving" in French. 
This is why my key is so significant, as it is undoubtedly the answer to my prayers. I know that I will be okay. I know that all my prayers have been heard, and we get to pay it forward!

Much Love,
Aaroh & Keydi