Connected Through Courage

Last July my husband and I lost our first baby to miscarriage, and a dear friend bought me a Courage key. As we journeyed through the next few months, it proved more helpful than I could have imagined. We are now three weeks away from the birth of our first baby, and though its not our first pregnancy and we mourn the loss of the life that could have been, we are also celebrating the life that we are to meet and have been chosen to parent. 
A few weeks ago I decided to pass on my Courage key to a fifteen year old girl in our church. She recently lost her best friend to cancer - and he was a big source of inspiration and strength in all our lives. He showed faith like I have never seen before in someone so young. And for this girl, we were blown away by her bravery in how she has helped her friends through this tough time by leading them to God. I knew the key needed to go to her because she gives out so much courage to others and her friends look to her for strength. But the next few months will be the hardest as she misses her best friend and feels the weight of that loss. When we gave her the key, she was so glad to receive it and we hope it gives her strength in the hard times ahead. She is such a blessing to us and many others because of her display of faith in her Heavenly Father - we were so glad to give her something so small to help her back on her feet again after such a hard time.  
Thank you, The Giving Keys, for coming up with an idea so simple and yet so profound to help people through life's tough times and connect people through it all.


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