Because She Is Amazing

This key is for my daughter. She is 15 and I think she is just the best. The problem is, she doesn't think so. I want so desperately for her to see what I see in her. I see a beautiful, kind, smart, caring, hardworking, good, really good, person. She doesn't see any of those things. She thinks she is plain, dumb, indifferent, that there is nothing special about her. No matter how many good grades, how many awards, how many accolades, how many wonderful friends, she has or receives, she never seems to be able to see how special she really is. I want her to have confidence in herself so desperately. I am trying so many different ways to convince her that she is a great person and she should be confident in that fact all the time. She LOVES bracelets. 

My hope is, that while she goes about her day, and she feels some self doubt, she can look down at her wrist, and be reminded that she should feel confident in herself, because she is amazing!