Carry The Message Of Hope

Last Christmas a very dear friend of mine gave me my "Hope" key. We had recently moved to a different house and she knew our new home came with some rather big and unexpected problems. My friend is a retired Principal, and I am a teacher. She knew I had some particular difficulties in my class last year as well. I was so touched when I got the key and I promised her I'd pass it on to someone when I felt the time was right.

Today, at my school there was an incident that left one of our teachers quite shaken. She works so hard to help all the children and she often goes home not only exhausted but upset, worried and frustrated. Today, it went over the top and she seemed so defeated. On my way home, I was wondering what I could do to make her feel supported and appreciated. Then I remembered my key.

Tomorrow I am going to give her the "Hope" key. I want her to carry the message of hope with her always. The is a wonderful teacher and she needs to keep hope that it will one day make even a small difference.