Believe She Can Make A Difference

I bought my key in May of 2016 on my senior skip day in high school. Not knowing what the keys meant at first sight, I was just immediately drawn to them. As I looked through all of the words available in the store, I saw only one with the word BELIEVE engraved on it. It was the only key that looked different from the others. A few years ago, I was in an abusive relationship. I struggled for a long time to be secure with who I was again. But in the back of my mind I believed I would escape that relationship and I continue to BELIEVE in myself because I BELIEVE I can do anything I set my mind to. This was my word.

Today is October 7, 2017. For weeks, I've been struggling to find myself again. It's just one of those feelings that comes and goes. Just starting a new semester of college, not having any real friends to count on, feeling really lonely and pathetic, like a loser. But throughout the day, I would put all of that aside because there were more important things to think about.

Then, out of the blue, my roommate informed me that her mother was diagnosed with cancer. I knew that my roommate was fighting her own battles of finding herself and happiness, but I never thought this would be a battle for someone so close to me. This battle is blinding her from all the positive things around her and it's tearing her down. Her perspective is only from the negative and who could blame her? Cancer is unpredictable. But I kept telling her to just BELIEVE that she CAN help even if she can't be with her mom physically. Just BELIEVE in her strength and BELIEVE she can make a difference and grow her relationship with her mom to be the biggest and closest it's ever been.

And, after realizing I was sharing my word with her to shed a little light and love on her situation, it dawned on me that my heart had picked her. I had been giving her my key this whole time. So I officially gave it to her yesterday and I hope it serves a great purpose in her life as it did in mine.


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