BELIEVE That Someday We Will Be Together Again

Tears stream down my face as I write this... Last august I was forced to make a choice I did not want to make. I was living my dream life on Mackinaw Island. I had a great group of people in my life, a fun job where I made a lot of money, and best of all, I was in love! I literally could have spent every waking second with him, and I did. We worked together, basically lived together and hung out together all the time.

Things changed however one day when he quit his job and the next day I lost mine. Instead of working things out together (like we should have) I chose the safe route and moved back to TX where I knew I had a place to stay, could get a job within days of arriving there, and my bills would also be taken care of. It literally killed me to leave such a wonderful place and such an important person to me.

Once I arrived in TX, I found a job as a visual manager at Altard State. As soon as I noticed the Giving Keys, I found the one that said BELIEVE and instantly thought of him and bought it. I sent it to him with a note telling him if he ever feels lost without me or feels empty, to look at his key and BELIEVE that someday we will be together again.

About a month or so later he sent me two pictures, one of the key with other symbols that are important to him and the other of him wearing it. It made me so happy to know he wears it around his neck everyday. The day has still not come for us to be together. However in the mean time, I went and bought myself the same key.

I wear it most days, and when I feel sad or lonely I hold it in my hand and pray that some day, somehow we will in fact be together soon. I BELIEVE and I hope he does too.