Complexities And Intricacies

I got my first Giving Key on my first day of work at The Giving Keys headquarters. I had mine engraved with the word 'infinite.' I chose that word because it was a word I had been thinking about for the last couple of days. I throw around the word 'infinite,' a lot, but do I understand it? Rather, do I understand that God has no beginning or end, and that His love is the same yesterday, today, and forever? I chose the word Infinite because I have just come to realize that there are days I can't wrap my mind around God. My finite mind cannot fathom all of His complexities and intricacies. But there is so much peace that comes in knowing that that's okay. He is God and I am not. He is infinite, while I am not. I am only finite and the only hope I have is in knowing that my life is in His hands. 

Well, a couple of weeks after that, I went to serve on a missions trip in Wroclaw, Poland, where we hosted an English Camp at a local church for Polish teenagers. One night, one of the girls who I had gotten pretty close to, broke down in tears. She opened up to me about her family situation and how her dad was an alcoholic. He was the reason why her mother had moved away. Now, she was the only one left in the family who had to take care of him, especially during the summers when he would be the most drunk. She couldn't understand why God would allow this to happen to her.

I was speechless as well. I don't have all the answers. That was when I felt God tell me to give her my key. We were in the bathroom, and that's when I gave her my necklace. I told her to keep it as a reminder that while she would never understand everything, she only needs to focus on God's infinite love for her. Everything would be okay. 

We cried and hugged, and it was start of a wonderful friendship. Now that I'm back in Poland, I look back and go - wow, God really is infinite. He exceeded all my expectations with this trip and more


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