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Real Courage

I run a child care program that has 84 children enrolled. My husband bought me the "Courage" key as I fought and overcame close calls of developing pancreatic and colon cancer. The pancreatic tumor was found by accident at the earliest of possible stages.... I had to have my entire colon removed as it was a do or die. Both major surgeries took their toll. I hung on to that necklace for quite a while - that is until I found out that one of the Aunt's of one of the students in my program was just diagnosed with a rare cancer in her face, behind her eye. Not only does Cari have a 3 year old son - Finn - who had to be the coolest kid EVER - she just had a daughter in late February...

She knew my story and had once admired my "courage". After Cari was diagnosed & I saw her for the first time it took me meet seconds to pass my "Courage" on to her. As to date - Cari is doing remarkably well with her chemo & radiation....

It takes real "Courage" to kick cancer's butt!


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