Confidence To Keep Growing

I bought my Giving Key because the company does a wonderful job of helping people transition out of homelessness. I initially bought it to remind myself to CREATE more content. But I met someone recently who works in the radio industry, having a hard time at his current station.

After our first meeting, he was inspired to create opportunities for himself by creating a podcast on the side. Soon after, he went through some relationship turmoil and his current job looked like it was about to end.

Fast forward to last week, at which point he was offered a job at a small-town radio station to host his own show. I gave him my CREATE key to remind him that, even though he's moving to a small town, I'm still here for him as his close friend and that he's been given a huge opportunity to create and produce his own radio show. Everything that has happened to him has led him to this point in his life and he should go all in.

No matter what happens, I hope that the key gives him inspiration and confidence to keep on growing.