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Fill Her With Courage

Bella and I have been best friends for our whole lives. We have both helped each other through many hard times, and we lean on each other for support.

Late last night, she called me in tears, telling me that her parents have been separated for a while and are now getting a divorce. She is so sad right now and is desperate for love and encouragement from me. I am currently four hours away from her at the beach, wishing I could be with her to give her a big hug.

I had no idea how to help her without seeing her face-to-face, until I looked at my Giving Key. I stared at it, then knew what to do. I wrote her a long, loving letter, and included the letter and the Giving Key necklace in the envelope. Then I said a quick prayer over the key. I prayed that the word engraved on the key, COURAGE, would be what fills Bella as she faces these stormy seas.

I am so glad to have had this opportunity to show Christ's love to my best friend.


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