Gayle Frederico x The Giving Keys #TheTrueGift

Gayle Frederico x The Giving Keys #TheTrueGift
In one word, what do you think is the true gift of the holidays?
Why do you think human connection is so important in the world today?
We all need human connection, especially in today's world with so many people working from home. Face-to-face connection brings another level of emotional support that is so important for everyone's soul. We all need this human interaction and connection to be able to see each other's expressions, body language, tone of voice and so much more! Having these human connections gives people a strong support system to overcome challenges and in turn, helps with maintaining mental health. 

What word is on your key? What does it mean to you?
I have a few keys with the word FEARLESS on them. I LOVE this word because it's so empowering. It reminds me to be brave every day and stand up for myself, others, and what's right.
Tell us the story of how you have passed on your key or how you plan to pass it on.
I added another key to my collection the day my grandmother passed away with the word BELIEVE on it. I often wear my  FEARLESS and  BELIEVE keys together in her honor. My grandmother was the center of my family and I know she would be proud I wear these two words in her honor. I pass my key on in her memory. I also have a matching key with one of my friends. I pass on The Giving Key's message every time I wear mine. Every piece is unique and is always a conversation starter. I love when people ask me about them and I get to tell them your story! 
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