God Has Bigger Plans

I bought my Giving Key necklace to remind myself that no matter what I've been through, with God, I have the STRENGTH to endure all things.

MY husband and I have buried 2 children, our first a daughter at 1 month and the 2nd a son at 19 months. These were truly the hardest days of my life. While I would give anything to have them here with me, I wouldn't be blessed with the 2 daughters I have now if it wasn't for losing them.

5 years ago I went through a major life-threatening illness. I was diagnosed with double necrotic pneumonia and was on life-support for 31 days. Doctors told my husband if I survived I would be disabled for the rest of my life due to lack of oxygen. But God has a bigger plan and gave me the STRENGTH to survive.

I am a High School Math teacher and believe that job is so much more than a paycheck, I really have the ability to change a student's life. A fellow teacher, whom I know believes the same, has been going through a particularly hard time. She lost her husband at 32 years old, has a daughter that has been going through severe medical issues and just last week lost her mother. I gave her my STRENGTH necklace as a reminder, like it was to me, to lean on God through the hard times.