He Is On A Journey

In the Fall of 2016, I went to Young Life weekend camp at Clearwater Cove, and that's where I became closer to God and wanted to start a relationship with him. When I came back, I bought a Giving Key that said FAITH on it so that I could remind myself to keep growing in my FAITH.

June of 2017, I went to Young Life camp in North Carolina at Carolina Point where I met a guy named Tanner. We got really close and hung out everyday there and we talked about life, our FAITH, and God. Everyday, as I was there, I could feel myself getting closer to God and growing in my FAITH.

One night, we had quiet time where we go out for 20 minutes and talk to God. Afterwards, I met up with Tanner and he asked what I thought about. I told him that I thanked God for bringing me closer to him, for finding my FAITH, for giving me everything I have, and for putting certain people in my life. Then I asked him what he thought about. He said that he never believed in God until that night. He told me that he asked God for a sign, and when he looked up at the stars, he saw a star falling from the sky and he knew that was his sign. He wanted to know God more.

The next day i wrote him a letter telling him my story and I gave him the key. I explained why and now he is on a journey with God and I'm glad to say that I have done good in helping him get there.


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