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Her Light Burning Bright

I did not know about The Giving Keys until I received one for my birthday from a friend of mine. When I read what was written on the key and the sentiment behind it, I smiled and promised Kari that I would do everything in my power to SHINE.

I have had the key for three months now, and I have found someone that I feel deserves my key more than me. She is someone I work with and is going through some major struggles right now, but has not let them keep her down. She is at work everyday with a huge smile for all and continues to share words of wisdom with those she interacts with.

I look at her and see her light burning bright, so how could I not pay it forward? I thought it would take me so much longer to part with my key, and I will miss wearing it, but knowing that she has it and is sharing her sparkle with the world is so worth the giving of my key.


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