Hope Is Love

I had seen The Giving keys here and there for a while and always wanted one for myself but never committed to a word. But this key, is not about me or my story. It is about my new friend, Hannah.

Hannah has been volunteering and fostering at a local shelter for a while. Every time we asked why she didn’t adopt a friend for herself her response was simply, she was not ready. Until one special soul came into her life and touched her heart. She found her forever furry friend, Maya. Just a few short weeks after adopting Maya, Hannah went away on a trip. While she was gone Maya had gotten out and ran away. Maya was timid and afraid of people from her abused past. Last week, after she had been missing for about 2 weeks, Hannah had found her body, exhausted and malnourished. As you can imagine, she was devastated. I had ordered this Giving Key with the word ‘Hope’ prior to the news of Maya’s passing. To stay hopeful in finding her.

I was hesitant to give Hannah the key after hearing of her loss. As I learned more about The Giving Keys and read through stories that they have inspired, I realized that one word, such as Hope, doesn’t have a definitive meaning. It differs for each person and the path of their own life. Hope is more than just having a bit of faith or seeking a glimmer of reassurance. Sometimes, something that may seem like a small kind thought or gesture can touch people and impact their lives more than you can imagine. Maybe create a chain of kindness. It is amazing how powerful words can be, one word, or many. They touch people, change people, and inspire them.

My words to Hannah: HOPE. 'Hope empowers us. It enables us to help others. Hope will never leave your side.' Just in case you’ve lost yours, here is mine. My hope is for you to stay strong and believe that there will be light after the darkness. My hope is that your heart stays big and open. Hope is faith, courage, and strength. Hope is LOVE.