I Found Myself Taking It Off and Putting It Around Her Neck

A couple of years ago, after making the difficult decision to put my husband in a nursing home when his dementia became too much for me, my good friend gave me the STRENGTH key necklace. It became a conversation piece, and although I didn't wear it constantly, whenever I did, someone asked about it. 

Last week, a friend, who I thought must have seen it on me before, suddenly noticed it for the first time. She took it into her hand and brought it close to her face to read the word. "Where did you get this?" she asked me. I told her. Then I told her how the necklace "works", and as I did, I found myself taking it off and putting it around her neck. You see, my friend's son is going through a bad time, and she is right there with him. She needs STRENGTH now more than ever.

Just now, I got a text: "I'm wearing the key necklace for STRENGTH." This is an important day for her son, when he will find out where his placement will be for the next thirty days, and they are scared. I'm so glad the necklace is helping. Thank you for a thoughtful, inspired product.