I Have Found My One True Love

I was given my Giving Key years ago when the program was first done through Appelt's Diamonds in Winnipeg here.

LOVE is the one thing I longed for in life. I went through a very bad marriage and divorce followed by many awful relationships in which I was not treated well. A relationship was not something I needed, but something I wanted. My kids were getting older and I wanted to find someone I could enjoy and share my life with. I wanted to know what true love felt like. I have so much LOVE to give and wanted to be able to experience all the joy's and struggles there are in life with someone by my side and with me by their side.

Fast forward to the present. I've met my one true love. He is more then I could have ever hoped for. He embraced me for all that I am. And what makes this even sweeter is that he embraced the fact that I have two teenage boys, one of whom is autistic, and wants to have them be a part of our lives along with his two boys as well. He loves me for who I am. He never judges. Where some find me to loud, annoying, over excitable, he sees my heart and loving ways. He appreciates me for exactly who I am and never wants me to change. It is the little things in life that are most important. The best part of everything was when he told me that he knew the moment he met me that I was the one. I never believed in "LOVE at first sight" until I met him.

It's hard for people to understand unless they have experienced it themselves. I've been in very long-term relationships that I never felt secure in, but with this man I have no insecurities, no doubts. I am truly lucky and grateful for him and will always cherish him and what we have.

I gave my key away today to a dear friend who has the same hope and dream in life to find what I've found. She has a beautiful heart and I hope that my key helps her find her perfect match. I thought I'd have my key forever and would never be able to pass it on, but I do not need it's comfort anymore, as I have found my one true LOVE.


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