I Really Needed This

My girlfriend's mother had a stroke on Christmas Eve, and of course, it was an unfortunate surprise to us all. With my profession being in the medical field, I tried my best to console my girlfriend and her family by providing information and doing further research on the condition. She sometimes finds it difficult to think positively and to be optimistic about life. I continued to tell her that everything will be alright and to have FAITH that things will work out. Through the tears and feelings of despair I continued to comfort her and repeat, "Baby have more FAITH that everything will be fine." She was slowly starting to show signs in believing what I said, but when her mom's condition had a setback, finding peace became tougher, and she began to lose faith. So I remember her mentioning these amazing Giving Keys, so I checked them out and really supported the movement. I took her out on a date last night, and I could tell that her mind wasn't fully there because of everything going on. So I put my hands in my pocket, leaned forward to take a sip of my coffee, and then asked her how I could make this date more enjoyable. Before she could answer I was holding the little bag that the Giving Key comes in. She looked, then noticed that the bag was from The Giving Keys. She opened it and saw that the key read FAITH. I had never seen that smile and those tears of joy that she displayed in that moment. She then said "I really needed this..."