I Want You To Dream

My son Adam and his wife Pam picked out a Dream Giving Key as a special gift for me for my birthday. After reading the enclosed card, I knew immediately who I would give it to!

My sister Lois is thoughtful, kind and loving, but has not had an easy life. She has spent many days, nights and years, helping, worrying and trying to save her son and daughter from the drug-addicted world that they fell into at an early age. Her son Michael lost his battle at the age of 24 and, recently, her daughter Bricey, who was very close to her brother, also passed away at the age of 25. It has been a devastating loss for Lois and our entire family! Although every resource available was used to get them the help they needed, none were successful. We know they are now both at peace and will no longer have to struggle.

Lois has spent so many years waiting, hoping and dreaming for better days for them and has not dared to dream about her own future. I think it is time she did! This is the message that I sent her:

"I have a dream key that I want to pass on to you, along with my love! The idea is to give it away to someone whom you feel needs it. You have always inspired me to dream and believe in myself! You have helped give me the courage that I need to reach farther than I thought I could! I am forever grateful for your words of encouragement when I needed it most! Now I want you to dream! Dream of the brighter days ahead, filled with carefree laughter and a sense of peace all around you! I want you to allow yourself to dream of all the things you want to do, because you deserve all of those things! They say who we will be tomorrow is not defined by who we were yesterday. You have spent many yesterdays with thoughts of those you love and lived under the shadow of things that you wished you could change for them, but could not. Now you should step out of that shadow and look to the future. Your future. A dream for better days, for yourself because you are worth it!"