It Means Love, Hope, Faith, and Forever

Ever have a fight with someone and not know if everything will be okay afterwards? Well, this happened with my boyfriend and I a few days ago. We were on the edge of ending it all because of something that didn't actually happen.

My birthday just happened to also be coming up in a few days, he told me he might not get anything for the occasion and I would not have to get anything for him since his birthday is about 2 weeks after mine. I agreed so it would keep peace between both of us since we were both fine at the time.

Something you should know is that I'm really emotional and I care about everything that happens. After the fight I was still pretty down about everything, but I brushed it off like nothing happened so I wouldn't get wound up anymore. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went on a date, by a date I mean we went to Red Robins and played games on the tablet.

At this point my birthday was 6 days away, and I was trying to forget about it since it would probably be more stressful than fun. I guess it showed on my face since my boyfriend was being especially nice, and he was also hiding some of the things he bought from the mall that day. We got home and I asked what he got and he told me with a smile how it was just a shirt to replace one of his that had ripped. I wanted to see what it looked like and all he had to say back is "why are you so nosey?!"

I knew that he was hiding something so I asked again, and he said "fine". He pulled out a shirt for me and proceeded to tell me that it was for my birthday and that he was getting me more than one thing. He went into his closet and pulled out The Giving Key.

I started tearing up. I opened it, and he told me how he had gotten it for me before the fight. The word was BELIEVE. The word might not have been meant as I took it but this was the only thing I had been doing during the whole fight. I BELIEVE that we would be okay in the end and we were. It means more than just the word BELIEVE to me, it means love, hope,faith and forever.


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