Katie Brown x The Giving Keys #TheTrueGift

Katie Brown x The Giving Keys #TheTrueGift

In one word, what do you think is the true gift of the holidays?

Connection; For me, the holidays are a time to reflect and celebrate with all the people in my life that fill my heart with happiness. The true gift of the holidays is recognizing the magic and love that surrounds us each day. 

Why do you think human connection is so important in the world today?

With technology advancing, human connection has become so much more important. The difference between FaceTiming a loved one and having them in your arms is the prime example of why our hearts ache for the physical embrace and connection we can only have from one human to another. 

What word is on your key? What does it mean to you? 

 I chose the word BELIEVE. Believing in your purpose. Believing in your path. Believing in yourself. I believe that extraordinary things can happen to ordinary people like me. I am so blessed to be able to have the most amazing opportunities that I thought would never be a possibility for me. 

So just believe that you are worthy of all your dreams and believe in the extraordinary!

Tell us the story of how you have passed on your key or how you plan to pass it on.

I plan to pass it to someone close to me who needs reminding of her inner strength. 

Bio: I'm Katie, a plus-size model and fashion stylist living in Dallas TX. My goal is to create inclusivity in the fashion industry which I thought I could never be a part of. Any day of the week you can find me enjoying a rom-com and a hot cocoa!