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Keep The Faith

I bought this key as a gift a young lady who I believe makes this world a better place. She is moving away from home to start her first year of college. Grace was the first word that came to mind when I thought of her.

When you look at this young lady and her high school accomplishments alone, you know that Grace is with her. The world we live in today is hard, especially for high school kids and young adults. It is hard to navigate and even harder to make the right decisions. By the Grace of God this young lady has her heart in the right place and does not care what people think. Her kindness and love for life and people radiate from her. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I can guarantee that if she walked into the room with you right now, the first word that would come to your mind when you looked at her would be GRACE.

She will be something someday. I want her to always stay true to herself and know that the Grace of God will guide her in and out of any situation that she will encounter. Maddison - you are something special. Keep the Faith.


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