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Light Of My Life

Several years ago my youngest daughter gave me a Hope key for Christmas. I was struggling with my oldest daughter's alcoholism. It was like watching her slowly commit suicide over a few years. She passed away last September at the age of 30. She was a light in my life that I now carry in my heart. I live each day hoping I can somehow live fully for her through grace and kindness and love. 

Late last night a dear friend learned what happened to her husband who had been missing for 36 hours. He had been tormented by a lifetime of unimaginable pain from childhood experiences and chose to enter eternal life with Jesus on Thursday. He was a beautiful soul and also a light in her life and those who knew him.

This morning I will pass my key on to her. It will serve as a reminder that she will find her way through this and be able to live each day with grace and kindness and love, for her husband and for herself.


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