New Beginning

When I was 7 years old I was taken from my mother. I was raised (we'll use that term loosely) by my father and his wife. Over the span of three decades, I was beaten, neglected, physically and emotionally abused, never allowed to see my mother or any part of her family again. I could dive really deep here but I'll spare you the grusom details.

A few years ago I decided I'd had enough. I was 37 and it was Mother's Day. I knew my mom was out there. I found her! I reached out. We exchanged emails. My dad and his wife found out and all hell broke loose. They shut me out of their lives and in doing so also forbid me from seeing my 17 year old sister as well. I was heartbroken.

On the flip side, I'd just been connected to my mother, Grandmother and numerous family members. They welcomed me with open arms. I shared what I'd endured growing up and it broke their hearts. I went through months of hard times following this reunion. My dad moved out of town to where? I'm not sure. I went to the local DA office and filled them in on the abuse and I think it scared them out of the area. Good right? Well, I thought so too. I had a hard time letting go of what was. I carried so much hurt and was also grieving the loss of these monsters who had ruined my life. Why? Who knows. That's when I came across The Giving Keys. 

I purchased "let go" and I wore it daily. Every time I felt it or saw it, I was reminded to let them go. Let the past go...

Jump ahead two years. I'm good now. I've let them go.

I have a friend going through a hard time in her marriage, I knew she needed help. I took off my key, placed it in the pouch and I let it go, to Chelle... she cried and said she'd seen me wearing it but never knew the significance. Now she will have that daily reminder just as I had.


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