No Longer

I’ve always dreamed of being FEARLESS but few times have I had to be so FEARLESS as to give up my key. My key FEARLESS has gotten me this far and it took so long for this fearlessness thing to finally be me but I’m here now.

A story, it’s a bittersweet one. I’m guessing the majority of you already know what this story is going to be all about, the story of how I gave up my key. I was at Passion conference 2018. At this conference, I was challenged to be FEARLESS and in that moment the strongest thing I could do was give up the thing that’s gotten me this far.

So I pulled the necklace from my neck, gently feeling the rough edges of my key for the last time. Like best friends about to go there separate ways I savored every moment of the last minutes my key and I had together. I turned around to a person I had met only three days prior and told him to open his palm. No matter what words I prepared for that moment, they all failed the moment my key left my hand. I tried to explain what the key meant to me but I suck with words. I faced the fear that had been such a big thing in my life for so long, the fear of letting go. 

I don’t want to sound like a broken record but unless you haven’t noticed already life’s short. We’re all aging and one day we will all die. Reality people. In the grand scheme of things my life on this earth is but a droplet in the ocean, if that.

Too often I see it though, fear. Written all over people’s faces. We cling closely to anything that promises us consistency when in reality the real adventure begins the moment we let go of complacency and begin to recognize that fear was never even supposed to be in our lives. We were created to FEARLESSLY pursue the lost, not hide in our pews as the world around us wilts. 

For too long I've hidden. For too long I've been afraid. No longer. No longer.


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