Our Journey Is Not A Solitary One

Over a year ago, I purchased a Giving Key with the phrase LET GO. I had no idea how much I needed to embrace that phrase when I bought the key. I wore it every day, and it may have been just that moment when I put it on that I was reminded to LET GO, but there were more days than I can count when I held it in my hand, around my neck and meditated on those words to get me through a period when I felt I had no control. I am a type-A, OCD personality. My days had been filled with high self-expectations to the point I grew anxious and depressed. I still have days when I need to be reminded, but they are much fewer and far between. And many times I don't have to hold my necklace in my hand to remind myself to LET GO.
A few weeks ago my dear friend shared with me her struggle with letting go. She had never asked for help. You see she had a personality similar to mine; asking for help equals weakness. She is on her journey now, and I have prayed over the necklace, not sure if it is time to share it. I realized the power it had for me, and I want to share that power with her. She was the one my necklace was meant for. 
Thank you for making this possible, a word of encouragement, a reminder our journey is not a solitary one.