She Gave Me Courage

2016 Left me broken, bruised, a bit wounded and at some moments wondering how I was going to pick up all of the broken pieces. I wasn't able to pick them all up, and in the midst of this realization, I began to give up in my faith and trust in God. I have been a believer for a while and would say I am pretty firm in my faith, but this past year gave me a run for everything I "thought" was firm in my life. During this time I began to pray for the broken and insecure pieces in my life to be mended and healed completely. This has been an arduous process at times. Nevertheless, I overcame in spirit and was able to grow emotionally in ways that wouldn't have been available if not so broken. Through this process I met Ashley. Ashley came to a teaching I was doing, and I felt an instant connection with her speaking for the first time. During my pursuit of what I desire to be a friendship with Ashley, I had already submitted in my mind that she would come to these classes and be able to hopefully grow "personally". Little did I know that Ashley would speak to me about a situation I am going through and immediately pierce my heart with truth. Her words pierced my heart and my emotions like an arrow that resuscitated a dead body. I gained instant boldness, instant confidence and instant healing in some emotional areas of my life that I had been seeking since 2016. This young woman who I had concluded would "just be coming to my class" completely changed my life by one conversation. It's amazing how your faith can grow through one person's obedience and patience with you. My life is forever changed, my boldness is forever woken up, my confidence is steady growing. I feel alive... It's amazing. Ashley gave me courage, the ability to face the difficult situations in front me. I am forever grateful.