She Is Courageous In The Fight Of Life

I caught a glimpse of her again, pale skin and enchanting smile, as I was riding my bike. She was on the steps of a homeless shelter in Indianapolis. Her face now comes to mind with a strange vividness, like a dream.

A week before the sun had melted in the sky and I sought relief inside a church building. She sat behind me in a beautiful blue floral dress and I looked into her brown ageless eyes that bore no resemblance of harshness.

She let out a cry and abruptly ran out of church. I approached her a few minutes later. She was sitting down on the floor outside the church doors. I asked her if she was ok. She didn't answer. I told her to be strong. She said she was living in a homeless shelter and then she began to cry again. I asked her if she was in a better place. She said yes. I left. I walked away.

Then, I remembered I had a bracelet from The Giving Keys in my purse with the words COURAGE engraved on it. It was given to me as a gift meant to pass on to someone who needed it. I headed back in the direction of the church. By now she was crossing the street. I picked up my feet. I handed her the bracelet and embraced her as if she were more than an acquaintance. She was powerless and afraid. We said goodbye.

Every moment in life is an act of faith. You have faith you're alive. You have faith that you will see another day. Even if you don't believe in God – everyone has faith. And suddenly there was this clear light all around me. Like last night when I was riding my bike and spotted her again. She was on the steps of a homeless shelter in Indianapolis. I looked up at the sky and the way the moon curves just right. She is courageous in the fight of life.