She Needed it More

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in October and wasn't sure where the journey would take me. My sister's sent me a beautiful Giving Key locket with COURAGE. It was something I needed everyday. MRIs, CT scans, biopsies, surgery, pathology, the unknown.....I needed COURAGE like never before.

As each day unveiled that I was going to be ok, it will all be ok. My COURAGE was just there. I had several weeks of radiation and got to know the patient in the time slot ahead of me. I had an amazing support group of friends who never left me alone. My new found friend had more treatments than me and was by herself.

On my last day of treatment I wrapped my COURAGE necklace and gave it to her for extra support. I hope it got her through the extra days ahead of her. I still need COURAGE every day but at that time she needed it more.