Simple Yet Effective

There are so many words that God has given me this year. Through trial after trial, I have held onto this one word 'faith'. Simple yet effective. I have taken faith so lightly throughout the years. It never hit me that faith was a necessary key to life. Through a valley I was in, my hope and faith rose.

In September, I was sat down with the news of my dad having cancer -- liver cancer. Shocked. Yes. Overwhelmed. Very. Emotions were running high, and I didn't know where to place them. In the mail, I received a little token -- a token that was much bigger than appeared. My sweet friend had sent me The Giving Key with the word 'faith'. It simply reminded me to trust that God's plan is perfect.

In October, a week before my birthday, my dad passed away. Rather than anger, I was filled with peace. I had no idea why. Why was I at so much peace? I remember sitting, sleeping in the chair of the hospital waiting room just waiting for my mom to come out with the news I dreaded to hear. I remember hearing the words over and over in my head of "I will see in you in a couple of days". I remember our last hug. The last time I saw him. Seeing him in his fragile state was a blow. Yet, I still had peace. I held onto that.

I held onto my key. I was reminded daily to have faith. Faith has become a huge factor in my life. It has shown that our God is not just faithful. He is also the noun 'Faith". He has a plan for me. He has only grown my faith throughout this mountain I am travelling through.

Living in the Word has been a blessing. Becoming closer to God has become a necessity. It is a necessity. With complete surrender, I have been able to have peace. With faith, I have hope. I have hope in the future. I have hope in Jeremiah 29:11.

I have faith that I am being molded into the person God wants me to be through this trial. I am immeasurably loved and immeasurably poured into by God. Through faith, my soul has been shaken and broken to be mended and restored.


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