Steve Emley x The Giving Keys #Thank You

Steve Emley x The Giving Keys #Thank You

I have

Received a Giving Key

With the word


My Story

I was gifted a "Thank You" necklace from Caitlin. I was her music manager when as she was creating TGK idea and beginning to implement making and selling keys on the road at her merch stand at her shows. I still remember the day she called me to explain the concept of TGK and what a beautiful idea it was then, and now to see where it's gone, is amazing and I'm so excited for Caitlin and the entire Giving Keys Team.

So fast forward years later, Caitlin gifted me the "Thank You" key with a wonderful handwritten message that I display on my desk for my years of faith & support for her. I wore the necklace every day since Caitlin gifted it until yesterday, when I met with a friend of almost thirty years named, Jim Mayo. Jim has made his living as a tour manager and last September, after a gig in California when the tour was headed to the next show, his tour bus was in a tragic accident that killed one of the tour members and left everyone else, including Jim seriously injured.

During our ninety minute lunch, Jim referenced a few times how thankful he was that God spared him and allowed him to still be on earth with his wonderful wife and children. Now Jim, is not back to 100% (yet), but he showed no signs of anger or anything else negative. He was simply full of grace and gratitude. After our lunch, we said good-bye and parted ways walking to our vehicles.

As I was about to unlock my truck, I felt moved by Jim's gratitude in such a horrific set of circumstances (that he did not initiate and was simply on the wrong bus at the wrong time), so I went back over to his car and explained what TGK were about and took off the necklace that I have cherished from Caitlin and felt it was time for Jim to wear the message of thanks.

Steve Emley

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