Summer Of Unforgettable Memories

My story begins with a summer of unforgettable memories being made with new friends.

Nearing the end of the summer, a new friend of mine got involved in some drama between herself and a close friend. Having been hurt, she needed to stand up to her friend and speak about her feelings and her pain to her friend. This is an act of courage, an act that takes a lot of strength to do.

When putting my strength key on one day, I realized that I had lived this word for a few months, I had used the key to help find my strength but now it was time for this piece of jewelry to help someone else.

Upon a coffee date, where we spoke of the situation at hand and other topics, I gave my friend the key so that she could find the strength to approach this friend and speak of the pain that she caused her. Not an easy act to do but necessary to do in order to move on when someone in a friendship has been hurt.

Friendship requires strength, and speaking your mind requires strength. I hope this key helps her do this so that their friendship may become stronger in doing so and that they can move forward together from here.