The Courage Cycle

Courage.... A word I wore around my neck for over two years, given to me by my bestie when I needed a little more of it. It helped me through the indecisive months of my marriage and absolutely reminded me of my strength once I made the decision to divorce my best friend. That was the hardest part and the part that really took courage - acknowledging that we both needed and deserved more than a friend in marriage. Yesterday, I saw my necklace sitting on my dresser while looking for my extra set of apartment keys to give to an acquaintance in need... And I realized I haven't worn it in a while. 

It was a bittersweet moment of realizing it was time to pass it on. I struggle with truly letting go and this necklace is such a strong representation of my journey and a nod to where I am now. But this was always the point - to pass it on to the person that needed it more. The absence around my neck + this person in need meant that it was time. 

So, I took a set of my apartment keys with my "courage" necklace and put them in an envelope with a note passing on the significance and a place to stay for someone who is just starting her journey to figure out what's next. In addition to the courage I wore around my neck, I had a number of acquaintances let me house sit while they were out of town and I was struggling with where to go. These people, who I can now call friends, didn't know me that well then and they offered me their home. I can't return the favor to them because they don't need it. But I welcome the chance to do it for someone else. And while we are technically acquaintances now, perhaps we'll be friends one day too. Regardless, I do hope the courage cycle continues to land around the neck of someone in need and feels the support that I did.