The Importance In My Own Value

I received my key from a photographer that was hoping to capture beautiful moments of high school seniors while trying to boost their confidence and understand their VALUE. It took me about a year to truly understand my VALUE and my purpose in the world. It was to care and love and help the people around me. My VALUE in myself impacts the ones around me, and since I have truly started to realize the importance in my VALUE here on earth, the lives around me have become much more meaningful and important to me.

Now, this is where I give it away.

My beautiful, talented, strong, and loving friend Tiffany has been through a lot this year, and it was not until last night I realized she lacks a sense of her own VALUE. After the sudden death of her father, I have found she does not see how truly incredible she is on the inside and out. She came to me saying she felt underRealiappreciated, and I knew right then this was my opportunity. I hope by passing it on she learns and grows in ways I could not have pictured for myself. And, most importantly, along the way, I hope she truly understands her VALUE.