The Power of Gratitude

About six months ago I was at an Leadership event for my job.  This event was designed as a leadership workshop and I was excited to go but wasn't sure what I would really get out of it. I expected some business tips and "try this" or "do that" to sell the products.

Instead, I was rocked to my core by one of the speakers. Her name is Megan. This woman opened my eyes to the amount of personal development I so desperately need to pursue. She taught on different ways to use essential oils to work through struggles that we may have held on to since we were kids. Some fears, failures, or trauma's we may have not dealt with.

During the event I was sitting on the dock (it was on a lake) reflecting on all of the things I had learned about myself- that I needed to forgive more easily, let go of frustration towards people who have hurt me, and to trust the Lord with everything.

It was during that reflection that I realized I couldn't be more GRATEFUL for the speaker-Megan- and her openness and courage to challenge us. I went up to her after the even and told her how thankful I was for her and asked if I could give her my Giving Key. She started crying and gave me a giant hug. She put the necklace on right then and wore it the rest of the day. I was honored that she appreciated the gift.

My heart and soul learned that day the power of GRATITUDE and what it can do for your day/life. Being grateful for others and for the things God has blessed you with can give you a whole new outlook.

It was also that day that I realized how much I love my Giving Keys. I now have two that I alternate and wear. FEARLESS to remind myself to live fearlessly and INSPIRE to remind myself inspiration is everywhere.