The STRENGTH to Handle Anything

I bought a few keys this year. 

I kept one STRENGTH for myself. My business is undergoing a change this year and I'm trying to lose weight despite the stress. I chose STRENGTH to remind me that I can handle anything that is thrown my way.

I gave a STRENGTH key to my sister. She has just celebrated a year since her last chemo treatment. She fought the cancer and now she is fighting the side affects of the chemo treatment. She has handled this fight with a STRENGTH that I am always amazed at. 

I gave the COURAGEOUS key to my sister-in-law. A year ago on Thanksgiving, she lost her son to a heart attack. Whereas a lot of people would have pulled the covers over their head and hid, she has gotten up every day and faced the world. It has been a hard year but she has shown COURAGE everyday.