We Simply Need to Believe

I have always wanted a Giving Key. When i transitioned back home after 3 years on the mission field, the Lord promised me He would open the next door- I simply needed to BELIEVE. A darling friend sent me a BELIEVE Giving Key- I was ecstatic. It couldn’t have come at a better time. In all honesty, I was struggling with depression and adjusting to life back home. My BELIEVE key was a constant reminder that I could trust the Lord!!! That He WOULD open the next door!

My word for 2018 is “Prosper.” When my car broke down on me on a busy road and was smoking- I was wearing my BELIEVE key and just knew I was in the midst of a testimony of God’s miraculous provision... He did it! He covered every dollar of the $1500 I needed to fix my car. I didn’t need to ask anyone, just needed to trust Abba God.

Last weekend, I drove to connect with a couple I know. They’re pastors at a church in the high desert. While there, I met a beautiful young woman named Corrie! She and her husband were expecting their first baby... the dilemma? The doctors said the baby had no heartbeat. Corrie, in faith, told the doctor she BELIEVED God wasn’t done with her baby girl’s life. The doctor decided to let Corrie miscarry the baby naturally.

I didn’t have plans to give away my BELIEVE key so soon- I had only had it for a month! But when I met Corrie I KNEW I needed to give it to her. I BELIEVE and want Corrie to BELIEVE that her baby is ALIVE and will live a purpose-filled life in Jesus’ name! He who promised is faithful- we simply need to BELIEVE!


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