Why I Try

To be honest with everyone who will read this: I never thought that I would actually give away my key, the key that said that I will become Fearless of whatever I wanted to be fearless of.

But here in this moment. I actually am.

I had brain surgery a couple years ago - I had a tumor on my left side of the hippocampus and eventually had it removed. I struggled through a lot of pain, and I can't tell you guys how scared I was through all this. How FEARFUL I was of what would result.

When all this happened, I was only about 14 years old, and I am now 16. Going through all of this, it was hard. But that's not the only thing that got to me. After I somewhat recovered from my surgery, my grandmother found out that she had breast cancer again and they also found tumors in her brain.

Not going into too much detail, she did pass away from all of this. My grandmother had almost the same exact thing as I did, but she didn't make it. She was an AMAZING and strong women. And she wasn't just my grandmother that I loved, she was another person who I knew that struggled through the same things I had.

My FEAR, has been TUMORS, and SURGERIES. My FEAR is what people think of me - what people would say about me just because a good portion of my brain was taken out. Sometimes I don't even know why I try.

But, these past couple years, my FAMILY, my FRIENDS, my GOD, and the person I'm about to give this key to. Everyone has led me to the right place, at the right time. And I think God is telling me it's time to be FEARLESS, show my true self. And share your FEARLESSNESS. In the end, here I am passing it on my Giving Key.

"This is my story, this is my song, praise my savior, all the day long".


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