Your Turn To Carry The Dream

Standing in line at the bookstore, there was a young lady in line behind me. She was holding a book, titled "Uninvited," I had recently heard really good things about.

Stepping out of my usual comfort zone of just keeping to myself, I told her that I had recently heard some really great things about that book. She made a comment about needing the book because she has been feeling lonely.

My sister and mom were with me that day and we just continued with some casual conversation with the young lady. We learned that she was a student and I asked her what her major was. She said, "Mental health counseling." I was taken back, and informed her that that is what my degree is in and that I am a practicing licensed mental health counselor. She was delighted to hear this and listened to some encouraging words I was able to provide regarding this field of work and the process getting to it.

Throughout this entire conversation, I had completely forgotten that I was wearing my DREAM key. The conversation with the young girl had come to an end and my sister, who honestly had no idea what Giving Keys are, innocently asked what my necklace was. As I began to explain what my necklace was to my sister, it hit me!

I turned back to the young lady behind us, took my necklace off, explained what it was, handed it to the young girl, and said "Now it's your turn to carry the DREAM." Of course, we were all in tears by this point.

Thank you for creating The Giving Keys. It created a beautiful moment for a lonely young lady struggling through college to receive some encouragement to continue dreaming.


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