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  • All You Need Is LOVE

    I ordered a Love & Strength Key when my boyfriend checked into rehab for alcohol. I knew that I would need strength and love to help him overcome. When we broke up 3 months post-rehab, I felt like my Love Key was almost mocking me yet reminding me Love does heal all wounds.

    One month later, a friend (that I think of as a sister) was in the hospital. Although we had not spoken in more than 2 years, I heard the news and I knew that I had to go. Upon arriving at the hospital, I noticed that I was wearing my Love key. As the elevator ascended to the right floor, I couldn't help but wonder, Why was I wearing this necklace today?

    As I sat at my sister-friend's bedside, I saw the anguish and despair she was feeling after being in the hospital for 9 days. I instantly reached for my Love Key. As I took the key off, I apologized for letting a petty situation ruin our friendship. I told her that, No matter what, I wanted her to know and remember always She was loved. I handed her my key, telling her the significance of a giving key, and that this one symbolizes Love.

    Just as this key had transformed from a tool to a message of love and hope, our friendship would transform from non-existent to a bond built on love and hope. She was giving a clean bill of health 3 days later. Four months later, our relationship is stronger and better than it was before. She wears her Giving Key every day as a symbol that Love truly does conquer all. 



  • Be You, Be Different

    The mark I would hope to make is to encourage women to be comfortable with who they are.

    I think it’s really easy, especially when you’re younger and with social media, to get caught up in this black and white idea of girls needing to fit into certain types: dresses or jeans, makeup or no makeup, girly or tomboy, happy or sad, etc… but I think that most women (and honestly just most people in general) are never just one thing, they’re a collection of many things.

    For example, I myself am a hopeless romantic some days and others I’m the world's biggest cynic. Somedays I want to wear dresses and feel “girly” and watch The Bachelor, and other days I want to listen to pop punk on repeat and only wear band t-shirts.

    I’ve come to learn that people are ever-changing, and I think it’s important to embrace every part of yourself, the bad and the good, and let it all live confidently on the surface. It doesn’t matter what others think, because at the end of the day, they are not the ones spending every waking moment with you, you are.

    Talk to yourself and treat yourself like you would a friend you care about.

    Shouldn’t you like the person you hang out with 24/7?

    I think the greatest lesson I’ve learned from other women is that it’s important to speak your truth always, and that you can be respectful while doing it. Let people know how you’re feeling, say it from your point of view and be honest about how things make you feel, but be sure to also try to see things from the other person’s perspective. You’ll have a better chance at getting how you’re feeling through to others. Progress is made when everyone can understand and respect the opinions of others.

    Be you, be different, be honest, and be nice to everyone you meet, you never know what people are going through.

    I like to tell myself, “Be you, be different, who cares about the rest,” because at the end of the day, both the good things and the things you might not like about yourself make up who you are. Embrace them.


    -Sarah Barrios

    Singer, Songwriter, Musician

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    My mom gave me the word LOVE. She gave me this to remind me that I am LOVED. I held onto this key for some time, always knowing that I am LOVED. O...
  • She Is LOVED

    My mom gave me the word LOVE. She gave me this to remind me that I am LOVED. I held onto this key for some time, always knowing that I am LOVED. O...
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    I was in a relationship for almost 10 years when it ended and I treasured my LOVE key. I have a co-worker/friend who is so amazing and strong. She...
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  • With Love, All Things Are Possible

    My husband and I were expecting our first child due June 12, 2016. I was 17 weeks pregnant so we decided to go get an early ultrasound done to find...

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