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The Stories

  • All You Need Is LOVE

    I ordered a Love & Strength Key when my boyfriend checked into rehab for alcohol. I knew that I would need strength and love to help him overcome. When we broke up 3 months post-rehab, I felt like my Love Key was almost mocking me yet reminding me Love does heal all wounds.

    One month later, a friend (that I think of as a sister) was in the hospital. Although we had not spoken in more than 2 years, I heard the news and I knew that I had to go. Upon arriving at the hospital, I noticed that I was wearing my Love key. As the elevator ascended to the right floor, I couldn't help but wonder, Why was I wearing this necklace today?

    As I sat at my sister-friend's bedside, I saw the anguish and despair she was feeling after being in the hospital for 9 days. I instantly reached for my Love Key. As I took the key off, I apologized for letting a petty situation ruin our friendship. I told her that, No matter what, I wanted her to know and remember always She was loved. I handed her my key, telling her the significance of a giving key, and that this one symbolizes Love.

    Just as this key had transformed from a tool to a message of love and hope, our friendship would transform from non-existent to a bond built on love and hope. She was giving a clean bill of health 3 days later. Four months later, our relationship is stronger and better than it was before. She wears her Giving Key every day as a symbol that Love truly does conquer all. 



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  • To Love and Be Loved

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