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The Stories

  • "I Believe, I Believe, I Believe."

    When my daughter and I were shopping in a local boutique, she fell in love with the concept of The Giving Keys.

    We are celebrating her 16th birthday this year so I went back to purchase the key necklace. I chose the key that says "BELIEVE" because turning 16 is such a milestone in a person's life and my daughter's beliefs will shape her future.

    I gave her the BELIEVE necklace as well as the following poem:

    Here is the key to a beautiful life full of wisdom, love, and happiness.
    Believe in your heart, for the heart will lead you to love.
    Believe in your faith, for God will always hold you in the palms of His hands.
    Believe in your spirit, for your attitude will create opportunities and success.
    Believe in your talents and use them to inspire others.
    Believe in your friends for they know your secrets and desires.
    Believe in your family, for they are always there for support and encouragement.
    Believe in yourself for you are unique and special.

    When times are troubled and you're feeling down, hold this key in your hand, close your eyes  and say, "I believe, I believe, I believe."

    Poem about the key necklace- When Kaleigh finds the right person, she will pass the key on to someone who needs to believe.

    ~Written by Kaleigh's mom (Jennifer Sullivan)

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  • We Could Not BELIEVE the Good News

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  • Unlock Your Beautiful Ability to BELIEVE

    After such a prolonged period of an unknown sickness, to BELIEVE in our wellness and our future can be oh so challenging. May this key help you un...
  • It Was an Anchor I Could Wear in the Darkest Days

    When I was 19, I believed I had the world at my fingertips. I had a strong faith in God and was committed to saving myself for marriage. I had jus...
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    I found The Giving Keys in one of my lowest of moments life has handed me. My husband, the father of our two sons, had walked out of our lives. He ...
  • Believe She Can Make A Difference

    I bought my key in May of 2016 on my senior skip day in high school. Not knowing what the keys meant at first sight, I was just immediately drawn ...
  • It's Time To Believe In Yourself

    I have been friends with Jo since college, which  – although seems like yesterday  – was nearly twenty years ago! Jo moved to London to pursue h...
  • I Just Needed to Believe In Myself

    About a year and a half ago, I purchased the BELIEVE key for myself. I was looking for a job change and had a lot of feelings going back and forth...

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