Believe Everything Will Be Ok

I saw The Giving Keys story on a talk show a while back and purchased a bracelet because I loved the idea! The idea that I would find the perfect person to give it to. The thought that I would make someone's day. Then I received my bracelet and I had my doubts. How could I give this beautiful piece up? But I knew one day it would hit me.

That day came today. My 9 year old cousin was diagnosed with t-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. It's a rare non-hodgkins lymphoma and he is going to undergo some pretty intense treatment for the next 3 years. The last week has been very scary for his parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and all his family. He is a strong kid and is fighting like a superhero. He really has been an inspiration.

His Aunt is not only my cousin but my best friend and I knew she could use a little extra inspiration too. The key I gave her says "believe". I knew it would be a reminder to her everyday to believe everything will be ok, believe God is with us, believe our little superhero will pull through this and believe that we are here to support, pray and love them.


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